Honeywell IS4125 Laser Scan Engine

The IS4125 offers bar code scanning that’s easy to configure and integrate. This powerful scan engine has built-in decoding for versatile OEM operations. A metal enclosure prevents contamination from the environment while a modular design allows the scanner to fit into a variety of mounting configur ... read more

Honeywell IS4225 Laser Scanner

The IS4225 automatic, wearable single-line laser scanner increases productivity by providing a flexible solution for 1D bar code scanning applications. Lightweight and durable, the IS4225 can be used as a back-of-hand scanner for increased mobility or as a stationary presentation scanner for tight s ... read more

Honeywell Quantum 3480

The 3480 Quantum is an omnidirectional laser scan engine that integrates with a variety of devices including interactive kiosks, price lookup systems, ATMs, bill payment, reverse vending machines and controlled access. Its high scanning rate, effective scan pattern and proven reliability make it an ... read more

Zebex A-50M

Along with 650 nm visible laser diode and 20 cm long-range scan field, the A-50M drives up to 1, 200 scans per second. It is easily integrated into any equipment for a wide variety of applications.

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