Allegro LSi

The success story of the allegro series has reached the next level. The tried-andtested concept of a horizontal display, with its improved performance data is the ideal solution for process optimisation in retail, field service and logistics.
Manufacturer: Almex



Ergonomics highteck : If Wireless LAN, SD cards, laser scanner or imager: metric.allegro LSi meets all the demands of retail or field service applications. 

Ergonomics : To ensure greatest possible flexibility at work, the metric.allegro LSi is designed for single-hand operation. It is handy, light-weight and yet very sturdy. The metric.allegro LSi will soon become an indispensable tool in scan-intensive applications – and thanks to its IP54 rating it will do its job even in demanding environments. skeye.allegro’s excellent ergonomic features and its advanced power management
facilitate non-tiring and long work without interruptions.  

Process optimisation : Its optimum features will turn the metric.allegro LSi quickly into a valuable process optimisation tool. It is user-friendly, ergonomic and robust making its design ideally suited for daily use in retailing, logistics and warehousing.


Allegro LSi - 14990
SKU: 14990
Manufacturer part number: BU04002