Z-Select 2000D 60 Receipt

Premium topcoated paper - excellent quality, improved images and resistance. 12 year archivability, available in 60 and 80 micron thicknesses.
Hersteller: Zebra




For Zebra Kiosk Printers

Topcoated ultra-smooth 60 micron, direct thermal receipt paper

Rolls supplied on 25mm cores with maximum outer diameter 150mm

Rolls are sold in box quantities only


01942-058Z For Zebra Kiosk Printers KR203/403 - TTP 2000

01942-060Z For Zebra Kiosk Printers KR203/403 - TTP 2000

01942-080Z For Zebra Kiosk Printers KR203/403 - TTP 2000 - TTP 7030

01942-082Z For Zebra Kiosk Printers KR203/403

01942-112Z For Zebra Kiosk Printers TTP 7030


Z-Select 2000D 60 Receipt - 03007
Width mm: 58 - Length mt: 250
Rolls per box: 12
Artikelnummer: 03007
Artikelnummer des Herstellers: 01942-058Z
Z-Select 2000D 60 Receipt-03236
Width mm:112-Length mt:250
Rolls per box:8
Artikelnummer: 03236
Artikelnummer des Herstellers: 01942-112Z
Z-Select 2000D 60 Receipt-03618
Width mm:80-Length mt:250
Rolls per box:12
Artikelnummer: 03618
Artikelnummer des Herstellers: 01942-080Z
Z-Select 2000D 80 Receipt - 04415
Width mm: 210 - Length mt: 160
Rolls per box: 2
Artikelnummer: 04415
Artikelnummer des Herstellers: 01941-210Z