Within retail sector, the relationship with the customer and the best experience he can do is a fundamental objective in the Customer Relationship Management, to increase loyalty and improve brand awareness of the store.
The optimized management of goods on the shelves, prices and stocks, the self - service, reducing queues, assisted shopping and loyalty cards are all aspects of retail that can make a difference for retailers and their customers.
In these areas, the products of Honeywell and Zebra Technologies: mobile terminals and 2D barcode scanners, labels and cards printers, kiosks and devices for data collection, are a valuable aid to facilitate the buying process.


Since some time the transport and logistics sector has relied on innovative technologies and solutions to meet the needs of improving the efficiency and quality: voice recognition, wearable or cart mobile computers, software to enable remote control of the terminals, mobile printers for wireless printing solutions on demand.
Dacom offers Honeywell and Zebra high quality, which, with their range of unparalleled products and ideal for any type of work environment, are ready to meet your every need.


Within healthcare sector is of crucial importance a reliable identification of patients and the proper registration of information relating to the drugs and the samples collection, in particular blood, in order to ensure patient safety and the efficiency of the healthcare facility itself.
The use of barcodes allows the reduction of errors in identification and the streamlining of processes, from acceptance to ambulatory services, from the pharmacy to the different hospital wards.
The wide range of Honeywell and Zebra innovative solutions specifically made for the healthcare sector can increase the security levels and help to protect the health of patients.
In particular in this context are an ideal application Honeywell scanners and mobile terminals having Disinfectant-Ready Housings: efficient devices designed to withstand frequent exposure to harsh chemical cleaners commonly used for cleaning in healthcare settings.

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